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Q: Is there a minimum age to volunteer? 

A: Age requirements depend on the opportunity: 

** 16 & up opportunities include: - Donation Pick-Up Assistant - Homework Help - Special Events - Event Prep - etc.

** 18 & up opportunities include: - Life Skills Instructors - Administrative

Q: Help! How can I volunteer with my kids? 

A: One of the best ways for families to volunteer (especially with younger children) is for kids to come along for age appropriate group volunteer opportunities, work days, special events, etc.

Q: Is there an application process to become a volunteer? 

‚ÄčA: Yes. Volunteers begin the process by checking out our Volunteer Opportunities Guide and submitting an application (Individual or Group). From there, other factors may be involved, like orientation, training, background check, etc. 

Q: Is there a minimum commitment to volunteer?

A: Depending on the opportunity, certain commitments may be required. For example, we ask that volunteers help with administrative tasks commit to at least 1 day a week for 10 weeks. The commitment is included on our Volunteer Opportunities Guide.

Q: What kinds of ways can I volunteer at AveNUE Health? 

A: Contact our Volunteer Coordinator. Yolonda Charles,at: yolanda@avenuehealth.org. You may also take a look at the Volunteer Opportunities Guide for the most comprehensive list of information.

Q: Can I bring a donation when I come to volunteer?

A: Certainly! To find out what is needed,contact our Volunteer Coordinator. Yolonda Charles,at: yolanda@avenuehealth.org.